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Man Held Wife Hostage at 4590 Texas Avenue

A  woman was held against her will on Tuesday morning in an apartment at La Promesa Del Norte, 4590 North Texas Avenue in Odessa, TX, according to a news release sent by the Odessa Police Department.ODESSA SWAT TEAM

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The release stated police received several calls around 9 AM Tuesday morning in reference to the incident. When officers arrived on the scene, a man in the apartment refused to open the door for them.

The release stated it is not known whether he was armed or whether he has or would harm the female victim.

Odessa S W A T & the Criminal Investigations Unit team responded to the scene and residents in the near vicinity of apartment #189 were evacuated.

The investigation is ongoing and residents were asked to stay away from the area of San Jacinto Street and the 4500-4900 block of North Texas Avenue in West Texas.

The police line stretched around the complex and around the block to the next street where resident Cameron Sester was waiting. She evacuated but wasn’t surprised the police were there.

“I’ve lived in these apartments for seven years. It’s sad to say but I’m used to stuff like this. I mean, we’re in Odessa, it kind of scares me honestly,” Sester said.   Construction crews paving resident parking were told to keep working while snipers took cover on a apartment roof just a few feet away.

The hostage situation involving four children and a woman is now over. Police have taken suspect in for questioning. No one was harmed and there has been no word as to whether a weapon was involved.

Members of the Odessa Police Department team worked  to resolve the situation in which a man held his common-law wife and four children hostage Tuesday at the La Promesa apartments.

The Odessa Police Department,  S.W.A.T., and Crime Investigative Unit were all on scene to help rescue the hostages. Soon after, snipers, a K-9 unit, and an ambulance joined the crowd.

The man, now identified as 25-year-old Elias Sierra, after about a four hour standoff, the situation ended peacefully and Sierra was taken into custody without incident.

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Rapper Tweets YOLO Before Crashing

September 16, 2012By 5 Comments

“A promising young rapper tweets YOLO before crashing  and killing five  people.  He used his Twitter account to boast about speeding and drink driving – even tweeting ‘YOLO’ (the acronym for You Only Live Once) – moments before crashing the car when it hit a wall in Ontario, California.  It killed  everyone inside.

Ervin McKinness, 21, was one of five men all in their early twenties killed in the suburban crash just after 1am over Labor Day weekend.”

This just happened a few days ago – these guys were idiots.  Why would anyone think that driving a car (while tweeting & lord knows what else), could be cool?  It’ s not cool.

“A Twitter account linked to the Southern California rapper, known as ‘Inkyy’ and ‘Jew’elz’, contained a tweet at 1.19am on September 2 that read: ‘Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #F***It. YOLO.’


The final tweet was one minute later, reading: ‘Driving tweeting sipping the cup f*** yolo I’m turning it up.’


The 2005 Nissan Sentra allegedly ran a red light, lost control and slammed into a wall before coming to rest in the backyard of a home.

Four of the five passengers died at the scene with the fifth pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The four other passengers have been identified as Marquell Bogan, 23, Dylan George, 20, Jonathan Watson, 21, and JaJuan Bennett, 23.

The tweets have become part of an investigation by police.

‘They’re certainly looking at that because it will be a vital part of the investigation, but it’s too early to give an opinion as to whether [drunken driving] was a cause or contributed to the crash,’ Ontario police Sgt. David McBride told the SB Sun.

Since the crash his sister has taken over his Twitter page, according to Twitter user CENNAZAVEH3AVY, defending her brother as having been a passenger and not the driver that night.

That resulting activity by his Twitter account, ink2flashyy, originally sparked debate on whether police and local news reports had named the wrong Twitter user.
According to McKinness’ friends he was an up and coming rapper having been either recently signed or in the process by a major label.

A YouTube music video for his single titled Dreams has racked up more than 23,000 views since its upload on April of this year.

YOLO was made popular by the Canadian rapper Drake in his hit “The Motto”.”


What a tradgedy. And – he had a ‘Dream’ like Martin Luther King.

What Do You Do If Injured in an Auto Accidents?


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Sugar Baby Students

Sugar Baby Students

Is it legal to be a “Sugar Baby” student? Are websites such as legal? These websites offer access to rich older men. Today and on 09/16/2011, Dr. Phil investigates the latest trend in online dating: sugar babies hooking up with sugar daddies.

College girls and recent graduates who are struggling with mounting debt and a weak job market are turning to websites, such as, that introduce them to wealthy men who, in exchange for companionship — and maybe sex — help them pay their bills. Is this the Internet version of the world’s oldest profession, or just a niche dating site?

Clearly, prostitution is against the law. I don’t think this is against the law because it’s between two consenting adults and they aren’t exchanging money. Well – the men aren’t directly handing over money in exchange for sex. They are merely ‘contributing’ to the financial welfare of a Very Pretty Young Lady.

The girls make a point that they would have never met the men except for the existence of the website(s). And visa versa. The men are lonely. It’s a normal psychological and physical need to be with other people. The girls may be lonely as well. We don’t know that they’re not.

So, although this might be tested in court of law and  a federal prosecutor is probably in discovery right now – it’s still a dangerous practice.  The website owner, Brandon, only checks out how wealthy the men are and if they can afford these women.  They could be mentally ill or have a criminal background. Brandon stated that he’ll not assume liability if one of the women gets raped.

On the show, Dr. Phil gives Brandon a final chance to speak:

“Not all sugar babies are gold diggers, but they are goal diggers. G-O-A-L. They all have goals,” he says, explaining that most of the women on his site have a college education or are working toward one, trying to become financially-independent adults like Sunny. He claims that 180,000 college girls from top universities are a part of this site.”

Dr. Phil tells the women that they have plenty to offer men. “From a guy’s point of view, I can tell you what guys say among themselves about this kind of situation when you’re not there. This is not in your best interest. I think that in your heart of hearts, you can’t possibly feel good that you’re putting a price on yourself, that somebody wouldn’t want to be with you just to be with you. My point is, if you do this, you never know. All the time you’re doing this, you’re not forming a meaningful relationship that is based on mutual care, concern, love, regard, commitment and future planning.”

Although there’s tons if jibber jabber about the legality and morality of this practice – not too many people seem concerned with how much disease is being exchanged here.  Quite a few of the men who subscribe to these websites are married.  Married – meaning they’re having sex with their wives, their ‘Sugar Babies’ and any number of unsuspecting participants.  Sheesh.

It’s frightening to realize how dangerous this new trend  of sugar baby students – that exchange ‘whatever’ with rich (and maybe married!) men – and – where this is leading to.  Is the world evolving into a much badder place?

Click here to view the entire Dr. Phil Program.

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