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Divorce After The Age of 50


divorce after the age of 50

I recently listened to a radio show called “Talk of the Nation”.  Susan Brown and Janice Green co-authored a book. They talked about divorce after the ago of 50. One in every four people over the age of 50 gets divorced. They call this trend the “Gray Divorce Revolution”. The divorce rate among people over 50 has doubled in the last 20 years.

Older adults today are perhaps less willing to remain in what is termed empty-shell marriages. Empty-shell marriages are somewhat satisfying – but the couple no longer has the same goals and interests that they used to have. So they really feel no need to stay together.

Their religious beliefs may differ considerably. What one of the partners might have put up with for 30 years no longer has the same value. People change and if the couple doesn’t shift together, they lose the intimacy they once had. The person that we were compatible with in our 20’s has changed.

I think the days of staying with one mate for 60 or more years may be over because – SURPRISE! – We’re living longer. As women become more financially independent, there’s not much reason now to stay in an unhappy marriage.

The idea is that a marriage is much less about an economic exchange or a financial bargain than it was in the past. Men and women don’t really need to be married like they did 30 and 40 years ago.

Recommendation Before Divorce:

However, before filing for a divorce – make sure that your financial affairs are in order. I can attest to the fact that divorce over the age of fifty can be devastating to your pocketbook. Especially if the normal “income-earning years” were spent raising children.

I categorically recommend that young women put their children in daycare and go off to work. I know that sounds mean and it’s definitely not in the best interests of the child.  But. if you don’t spend your child-bearing years earning a living, you may find out that you won’t be able to financially support yourself in later years. Let me tell that your grown children will NOT want to support you.

I think you need a good adviser to guide you through the emotional roller coaster that you go through when you get a divorce after the age of 50. You need someone who can look at what’s happening in your life and give you direction. It is extremely difficult to be unemotional during and after a divorce.

The main thing to focus on is your income. One of my money rules — is that your job is your most important investment. Your earning power is key. Focus on that. Focus on getting yourself out in the work place and earning some money. It’s good for you not just financially, but it will give you some control back both during and after a divorce.

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