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Monster Trucks


Truckers that drive huge monster trucks hurl by slower drivers on Highway 349 in Midland/Odessa & play blind ‘highway chicken’. They endanger everyone’s lives.  Oil means prosperity.  And, we have lots of oil here in West Texas.  Right here in Midland/Odessa, TX,  just about everyone who is a farmer,  has been approached about drilling on their land. This vast oil area stretches all the way to Lubbock, TX.

There are currently 400 oil rigs going 24 hours a day – 8 days a week.  Oil workers like to joke that they work 366 days a year. 400  oil rigs are now our top record, which beats the last high of 399 rigs in 1981.  There is no sign  of a slowdown either.

So, why do I bring this up on a ‘lawyer blog’?  Several reasons. More oil activity means more auto traffic and car accidents.  More oil activity means more oil rig accidents.

Last weekend, when I drove from Midland to Lubbock & back again, it  gave me an anxiety attack.   It definitely tested my will and my nerves.   I drove on Highway 349,  a small road snaking past churning pump jacks, with only one lane each way. The trucks zip by at very unsafe high speeds, laden with oil field equipment, oil or oil workers.

The male drivers tick me off because they’re so impatient.  These men are driving gigantic dual  pick-up trucks  & they climb up your automotive rear and then rip by with a roar.  They almost run head-on into a truck going in the opposite direction.  It’s not uncommon for an impatient guy (it’s always a guy, (as far as I can tell) to pass four or five vehicles in a row in a sort of automotive blind chicken.  Really scary.

The Texas legislature should consider building a four-lane highway.  It would make driving safer for all of us.  The  monster truckers could  speed by at mach speed and the normal people could drive in the right-hand lane.  To be sure, it would cost of lot of money – but lives and sanity would be saved.

On a happier note, here is a montage of  fun at a Monster Truck Rally:

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