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Man Held Wife Hostage at 4590 Texas Avenue

A  woman was held against her will on Tuesday morning in an apartment at La Promesa Del Norte, 4590 North Texas Avenue in Odessa, TX, according to a news release sent by the Odessa Police Department.ODESSA SWAT TEAM

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The release stated police received several calls around 9 AM Tuesday morning in reference to the incident. When officers arrived on the scene, a man in the apartment refused to open the door for them.

The release stated it is not known whether he was armed or whether he has or would harm the female victim.

Odessa S W A T & the Criminal Investigations Unit team responded to the scene and residents in the near vicinity of apartment #189 were evacuated.

The investigation is ongoing and residents were asked to stay away from the area of San Jacinto Street and the 4500-4900 block of North Texas Avenue in West Texas.

The police line stretched around the complex and around the block to the next street where resident Cameron Sester was waiting. She evacuated but wasn’t surprised the police were there.

“I’ve lived in these apartments for seven years. It’s sad to say but I’m used to stuff like this. I mean, we’re in Odessa, it kind of scares me honestly,” Sester said.   Construction crews paving resident parking were told to keep working while snipers took cover on a apartment roof just a few feet away.

The hostage situation involving four children and a woman is now over. Police have taken suspect in for questioning. No one was harmed and there has been no word as to whether a weapon was involved.

Members of the Odessa Police Department team worked  to resolve the situation in which a man held his common-law wife and four children hostage Tuesday at the La Promesa apartments.

The Odessa Police Department,  S.W.A.T., and Crime Investigative Unit were all on scene to help rescue the hostages. Soon after, snipers, a K-9 unit, and an ambulance joined the crowd.

The man, now identified as 25-year-old Elias Sierra, after about a four hour standoff, the situation ended peacefully and Sierra was taken into custody without incident.

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Breakfast in Texas

Normally we’re serious an’ all on this website. Couldn’t resist putting this on the blog. This is an amazing video that shows a neat-o couple that feeds the deer breakfast in Texas. It’s almost too amazing to believe how these deer just mosey up to the table and start slurping up their gruel (a mixture of corn and “Record Rack Professional Deer Feed”). It has a proprietary nutrient formulation and includes protein, lysine, fat and vitamins.

This is from the Pryce’s in Kingsland, Texas. They have a website that’s displayed prominently on the video – so I thought that I would plug them as well. You can go here or type it in yourself. Your choice. Evidently,  Prince Charles thinks that Alison Pryce is swell too. There’s a pic on their blog. He thanks her for her work with Welsh music in California.

I did enjoy how friendly these deer were. There were many cautionary tales when this video was posted. They ranged from:

“What a really fast way to get a prion disease! Prion diseases are usually rapidly progressive and always fatal. Or a brucella infection. You can get TB or lyme disease from deer. Did you see the woman petting the deer and then picking up her toast? Isn’t it DEER?”


“This is a neat thing to watch, however, it is also very sad to me. I counted 17 deer give or take. That is 17 deer that are going to associate humans with food, and 17 deer who are going to associate human deer hunters as a food source. The point is, it is a wonderful thing to observe wild life in the wild, however when you begin to interfere, as these people have, the outcome is never good. Judging from the other posts, it is not even necessary for me to mention the threat the deer pose to the people. Please ENJOY wild life, but do so from a distance.”


“That’s very cute! but the problem is, these animals are wild. They need to get their own food. If you keep feeding them, they will teach there kids how to beg instead of get food on their own. then they will starve when your not there to feed them.”

Although I think this is heartwarming video, I would never feed wild animals for all of the reasons stated above.  No matter what you think, be sure and watch this video to see the animals eat breakfast in Texas.

Let us know what you think!

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